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Travelling at Mount Bunder, West Java, Indonesia

Travelling at Mount Bunder, West Java, Indonesia
Let us get around in the region of Mount Bunder while traveling there.

Curug Seribu
Curug Seribu is the name of a waterfall, it  is the one of the most favorite tourist area that is often visited in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bunder. After parking the vehicle, you can take a pretty hard line about 1 hour drive away. Paths that must be quite difficult, namely through the trail is quite steep. So for those of you who have a physical weakness or a disease, you should not try to Curug Thousand.

However, along the way, you will pass beautiful area. In fact you can see some small waterfalls. You can also find some of the monkeys that are on track towards the Curug Seribu.

When approaching a thousand waterfall, you'll begin to hear the roar of the waterfall. Once in Curug Seribu, you'll be amazed by the height of this waterfall which reaches more than 100 meters and the water that falls from the waterfall is so much. The water is crystal clear and refreshing waterfalls flowing at this. You can play under the waterfall. However, be careful not to directly under the waterfall location.

The waterfall is still heavy despite the dry season. Therefore, in the rainy season, you need to be extra careful. Because it could be that you dragged the heavy flow of this waterfall.

Curug Ngumpet
This waterfall is not as high as a thousand. But to reach the waterfall is not as difficult as it reaches hide Curug Seribu. From the entrance walk only about 15 minutes to 30 minutes with a path towards the waterfall is not as hard as though a thousand should also remain cautious. Altitude Curug not hide up to 50 meters.

But, you also can enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfall hiding. The area around the waterfall is a natural hide. Perhaps because it was still somewhat isolated, so-called waterfall hiding.

Curug Cigamea
Cigamea waterfall has a height similar to a waterfall hiding. Waterfall waterfall in Cigamea also beautiful. And the paths that must be taken not too far from the entrance. By foot about 15-30 minutes, you can easily reach this waterfall. And also many small shops that provide food and beverages in this region.

With a line down the trail, in the form of a cliff. At first, you will find a small waterfall to waterfall Cigamea.
Then you will find a waterfall in a steep cliff. Then not far away, there is a major waterfall with a height of about 50 meters.

With pay around Rp 20,000, - per person, you can also use the flying fox to reach this waterfall. Manager provides a flying fox which is quite challenging due to cross the chasm to the waterfall Cigamea.

Cigamea waterfall waterfall is the most frequently visited tourist area of ​​Mount Bunder because it has a more comprehensive facility than the other waterfalls.
These waterfalls, interesting place to visit with the whole family. Because it is not too far and not too difficult to achieve by the whole family. You can also swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall that is not harmful.
Curug Cihurang
Curug Cihurang waterfall is also relatively safe to visit. In this area there is a camping ground or a field camp, where you can camp and stay in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bunder. The waterfall is not too high. However, you can enjoy water play and swimming in waterfall region Cihurang.

Curug Cihurang waterfall has been equipped with various facilities to play and not as natural as any other waterfall. However, this could be a tourist place suitable for the whole family.

Curug Pangeran
Not far from the waterfall hide, you can find Curug Pangeran waterfall. These include a small waterfall. But you can swim and play in this area safely.

Curug Cadas Ngampar
Curug Cadas Ngampar waterfall, also at Mount Bunder tourist sites. In this area, you can find some locations such as Curug Putri waterfalls and Curug Pengantin waterfall. Named Curug Cadas Ngampar waterfall, because a lot of rocks in this area, especially on river flow.

Kawah Ratu
In addition to visiting the waterfall tour, in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bunder, you also can visit the Kawah Ratu crater. Crater is always release H2S gas with a characteristic odor.

To reach the Kawah Ratu crater, also must pass a difficult track and away which is about 14 kilometers on foot or about 3 to 4 hours away by foot.

And like other areas in Mount Bunder, during a trip to the Kawah Ratu crater, you will enjoy the natural scenery was beautiful in the region. Likewise, when the Queen arrived at the crater, you will find beautiful natural phenomena in the Kawah Ratu crater, including hearing the rumble of the crater as a result of the process in the bowels of the earth.

Do not forget, always consider the instructions in the Kawah Ratu crater to avoid danger. For example there are signs ban on camping in certain locations. Or there is also a ban on squatting to avoid inhaling toxic gases. And also note the clues the Kawah Ratu Crater status, whether in normal or hazardous conditions.

Staying at Mount Bunder
Given so many areas that can be visited in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bunder, of course you can not visit all places at once.
You can stay in the region. There are two options to stay. If you are an adventurer, on-site camping ground is available for camping.

But if you want to vacation with more comfort, here are also available several villas and resorts to stay. One that is quite famous in this place is The Michael Resort is a luxury resort with complete facilities.

Natural sightseeing of Mount Bunder
When traveling here, every tourist sites there is the entrance where visitors must pay entrance fee. Should always ask for tickets at each door entrance sign, since according to some visitors, some unscrupulous officials charge that should exceed the costs.

Tourist area of Mount Bunder indeed an interesting place to visit. Some tourist sites are full of challenges such as the Curug Seribu waterfall and Kawah RatuCrater, waterfalls suitable to visit family as Cigamea waterfall and waterfall can hide your visit here while enjoying the stunning natural beauty at locations including Mount Bunder the Mountain Halimun Salak National Park.
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