Monday, 19 September 2011

The blog For Means of Interaction Between Teacher and Students in Indonesia

The blog For Means of Interaction Between Teacher and Students in Indonesia

The word blog may be unfamiliar to most of our society. No exception to the educator or teacher. Moreover, the location is in rural areas. There are still many who do not know what is a blog. If diprosentasi probably only about 20% that already know a blog and have blogs. Though this blog is to help the teachers or educators to not only write a hobby but also as a medium of interaction between teacher and pupil. Besides the blog can also be used to get extra income from adsense or ads plastered on our blog.

Here's how to use blogs as a means of interaction between teachers and students:
First, the teacher write or post the things that has to do with education or tutorial on a lesson, for example, we make about the subject matter to be discussed in class. Then explain material to students in the class. Because of the limited teaching time so if there are students who have not been clear about the materials provided, then the teacher advised his students to view such material in the blog is concerned with the teacher providing the URL link or the name of his blog.
Second, teachers must be creative by making an online question that is stored and published on the blog teacher. I've tried to make about online for my students. With the help of one of my sites about online and make and publish to your blog. Later the student was told to work on the problems online. Now with the help of this site can we know when students are working on the question, where, and how its value. So teachers do not have to bother - bother correcting value. Then we are told to advise students to give their name and class or other identification to distinguish the users who are not our students. At the moment working on this problem online students can also print the results in the form of certificates that can be used as evidence for his parents that he had been working on assignments or evidence for his teacher.
Third, Utilizing field comments on the blog for interaction between teachers and students. By having the students to comment on posts about online educational material or matter that we publish. Thus we will know the problems faced by our students. And as a means or a question and answer forum between teachers and students. 
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