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Most popular of Service While Access the the Internet in Indonesia

Most popular of Service While Access the the Internet in Indonesia
Almost every day we are always integrated with the name "internet". Either through PCs, tablet PCs, notebook / netbook, smartphone or mobile phone. Like eating vegetables without salt live without the internet or young children's language "death style" day does not access the internet. Well Did you know that in Indonesia the number of Internet users has reached more than 25 million people or 10.5% of the population of Indonesia. Of these the most dominant Internet users in Indonesia comes from teenagers aged between 15-19 years as many as 64%.
What are the most popular service or are mostly used when accessing the internet in Indonesia. Here's the list:

First, the Social Networking social networking or online community where individuals can share their inter content such as personal information, photos, videos, music and give each other comments. In Indonesia's most popular social media services are Facebook and twitter.

Second, Searching the activity in order to find meaning, or article to be known by internet users. In Indonesia in the search engine services most frequently used are Google and Yahoo.

Third, Reading / Updating News namely the act of reading or looking for the latest news or information both locally and internationally. In Indonesia is the most popular news sites and Vivanews Sec.

Fourth, Instant Messaging / Chat conversations that activity in real time via text-based Internet between two or more people, but has now evolved into the audio video communication services. The services most widely used in Indonesia for the Chat today is Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype and Facebook.

Fifth, the File / Media sharing activity that is sharing files and media between users via the Internet, such as documents, software, images, music, movies and others. In Indonesia, the most common storage medium used by the user is and Ziddu 4shared.

Sixth, Blog which is a type of activity types of web pages that usually display the entries are given a date in reverse chronological order. Updated within a certain time interval consisting of text, images, audio, video or a combination thereof in order to convey and share information. In Indonesia, an international blog services are the most widely used is a blogspot, wordpress and blog services are local and Kompasiana blogdetik.

Seventh, E-mail the electronic mail sent and received on a computer or a cellular network via the Internet. In Indonesia, the most frequently used services are Yahoo and Gmail.
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