Tuesday, 20 September 2011

5 Most Famous Website Indonesian Websites

5 Most Famous Website Indonesian Websites

The sites of the country was popular not only in Indonesia but also popular in the world. Most of these sites is indeed an online news site. But in addition to online news sites are also sites of communication forums in cyberspace and financial sites. These sites are visited every day by millions of visitors from Indonesia and from abroad.

Well for you who are curious I will inform you about the sites of Indonesia's most popular in the world.

1. Kaskus.us

Communication forum site in cyberspace which was founded by Andrew Dervish, Ronald Stephen, and Budi Dharmawan became the most popular forum site in the world who come from Indonesia because it provides the quickest information from the newbie or the term for a user forum on kaskus about the latest news from the newbie , buying and selling forum and other information. Currently kaskus.us to be ranked world's version of Alexa-250.

2. Detik.com

Actual news site and articles in Indonesia is the most popular news sites in Indonesia and became a reference site from abroad. AFP, founded Budiono Darsono (former journalist DeTik), Yayan Sopyan (former journalist DeTik), Abdul Rahman (the former Tempo journalist), and Didi Nugrahadi. Initially the main coverage AFP news focused on political, economic, and information technology. Only after the political situation had eased and the economy began to improve, AFP decided to also attach entertainment news, and sports. AFP is currently in a position to-world version of the Alexa 551.

3. Kompas.com

Sites that originated from Kompas newspaper that has the greatest readers in Indonesia has become the second most news sites after the AFP. Currently Kompas.com are in a position to Alexa-769 version of the world.

4. Vivanews.com

News portal sites that rely on depth, velocity in preaching and a reference to those Web sites of foreign news. Currently Vivanews to be ranked world-866 version of the Alexa rating agency. And the last is

5. Klikbca.com

Financial sites owned Bank Central Asia which contains information about Internet banking, foreign exchange, and information about products from this BCA. Being the most popular site in Indonesia because many customers who use this service to the transaction. Klikbca.com be in the position of the 1064 world's version of Alexa.
Source: didno76.blogspot.com
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