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Imah Seniman The Village Tourism of Artists

Imah Seniman The Village Tourism of Artists

Lembang become one of the tourist destinations around the city of Bandung. Mountain areas with cold air as well as numerous attractions make a lot of people interested to visit it. One of the natural tourism area with unique concept is Imah Tourism Village Artists. Here you can perform various activities of eating in the woods, stay on the edge of the lake, shop in the village, fishing in rivers and outbound on the mountain.

Artists Imah located at Jalan Kolonel Matsuri and is located in a valley. Situated on the edge of the highway and entered the gate, you through a declining path. Management in the management Broom Sticks that have operated earlier, ie since 2001. The inn is similar to the one in Broom Sticks, only in smaller sizes. However,
for the overall concept, Imah artists to try something different. For the convenience of visitors, Imah artist using the slogan "Sleeping on the Lake, Eating in the Forest". With an area of ​​15 hectares, Imah artist offers galleries, restaurants, cafes, resorts, and attractions are integrated.

Drafter of the Bob Doan Imah artist who has a vision to make Kolonel Matsuri Road area into tourist attractions and traditional crafts of Indonesia, such as in Bali. That's why artists are also provided in Imah art gallery containing a variety of crafts from West Java and Indonesia. What is unique is that all crafts are made in Imah artists by artists including artists from Jepara, Central Java.

Plan for the future, the region will stand nuanced art tourist village. And visitors can see first hand the artists to produce works of traditional art Indonesia.

What is interesting in the Tourism Village Imah Artist? Here are some of the facilities you can enjoy in this region.

Staying at the Lake

In Imah artist, you will indeed stay on the lake if you choose the type Junior Suite as a place to sleep you. Each room is shaped gebyok Javanese house which is dominated by wood and carving. Furniture that are inside any traditional impressed. For example from copper sink that is placed on the table from the tree trunk that branched terkihat. Various puppet pictorial wall hangings or other forms of Javanese style. Curtains cover the windows of ordinary cloth is very simple. Perhaps it is the manager want to show the atmosphere of a simple village house.

The bed was near a large glass window, so when you open the window, you can see the view from the lake with fish large enough and other gebyok houses that surround this lake. The scene outside the glass the more beautiful because at the end of the lake there is a small waterfall and rocks as footholds. Coupled with thick trees on the back that looks cool.

Another type of lodging is Suite Room with a broader measure of its terrace and is available in the front seat. Room Suite locations are not around the lake but there is an artificial river. Between one villa to another not too near, suitable for you who want to experience a more personal atmosphere. Room Suite Position deeper than the type Junior Suite located on the front. Another option is to stay Executive Room and villas contain several rooms. Villas with traditional and modern building located in the deeper parts of the site Imah Artists ample.

At nightfall, no less beautiful scenery near the lake, because the lights adorn every inn and lake. Yellow color creates a romantic. You will sleep more soundly with the accompaniment of the sound of frogs and crickets which dominates at night. You can feel the atmosphere of the village coupled with the cold mountain air. Instead, prepare coats and blankets for those who can not stand the cold. You can also order traditional food and drinks at night. For example cookies are baked or bandrek Surabi, drinks a can of ginger warms your body.

Eating in the Forest

Eating food and drinks, you can visit the restaurant and Cafe Imah Artists. Resto and Cafe building with a roof made of straw and wood. You can choose to sit in a chair in a place big enough or sit Lesbian in a smaller place among the trees. Resto and Cafe located on the left and is located not too far from the gate. With the concept of "Eating in the Forest", you will feel the sensation of being in the forest because shade of the trees and the sound of the river water. Imah Artists Cafe offers a variety of unique Sundanese cuisine like grilled fish Leaves, Chicken Kahesupan, Asem Vegetables, Beans Ka Oncoman, and other Sundanese specialties.

Fishing in River

For you who love fishing, you can visit the fishing pond. If it does not bring perlatannya, you can rent it. The results will be weighed according to type of bait fish.

There are several fishing pond with running water. Here are saung to make your fishing activities to be comfortable while enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Outbound at Mount

Another activities challenging to do in this place is to try a variety of outbound activities. For example, try to circle around the riding ATV Offroad Track difficult. Available single ATV or if you want to enjoy both, you can rent ATV Tandem. Another option is to drive a Mini Moto Trail and Trail. If you want a more secure, you can choose to use the ATV Flat Track. Rental prices starting from Rp 50,000, - to Rp 170.000, -

Besides trying to ATV, you do the other outbound activities like Flying Fox, High Rope, Rock Climbing, Spider, Horse Riding or Bicycle Village at prices varying from Rp 10.000, - up to Rp 35,000, -. For groups who like adventure, you can try hiking with participants at least 50 people.

Imah Seniman (Imah of Artists)
Jl. Kolonel Matsuri No.8/Colonel Matsuri Road No.8
Desa Kahuripan/village Cikahuripan
Lembang, Jawa Barat/Lembang, West Java
Tel: (022) 2787768

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