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The forms of the unique and peculiar necklace

The forms of the unique and peculiar necklace
Necklace is an accessory or jewelry sala one of the most popular. Now not only about women who love to wear them, men were not a few who wear a necklace as an additional accessory. Maybe you're looking for inspiration about the forms of necklaces? The following few betuk necklace with a rather strange and unique .. Enjoy!

1. Green Necklace
This necklace is part of a hundred unique collection of limited edition necklace designed by sculptor Paige C, Moore. This necklace is made from various natural ingredients combined with found objects to create artwork that is truly unique and environmentally friendly at a price of 120 dollars.
2. Shaped Necklace Silver Chair
This necklace is made of silver combined 21 seats with 18-karat gold accents. At first glance it does look odd if it has not been used. But once worn around the neck, which appears is a different charm and truly unique.
3. Ice Necklace
As the day was hot, these accessories would make you cooler. Necklace or a ring of ice is nice to use, you can store it in certain parts of your body. In addition to relieving the heat, you can be at once stylish.
4. Zipper Necklace
Do not rush to dispose of your used ritslesting, because it can now be put to good use to be an accessory, necklace unisex form of a zipper. You can make your own with the desired size. Even now there are sold for 57 U.S. dollars.
5. Necklace Gamer
Produced by NBsCloset located in San Antonio. This necklace is made ​​with enough modern technology. Cutting fiberglass combined with the pendant using a laser beam.
Source:, translated by MYS with translate dot googgle dot com

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