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How To Choose a Cell Phone Plan and Considering a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

How To Choose a Cell Phone Plan and Considering a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

How To Choose a Cell Phone Plan 

For instance, are most of the calls you make during evening hours or on the weekends? If so, you may benefit from a plan that includes free nights and weekends. Also, you may decide on a plan that includes less daytime minutes since you probably do not need as many.

On the other hand, do you make most of your calls during daylight, or peak hours? In this case, you will probably actually benefit with a plan that includes more minutes.

In either scenario, most cell phone providers will allow you to switch or change your plan with a simple phone call, even if you have previously agreed to a contract.

Remember to be polite when you speak to someone about switching your cell phone plan. Rudeness only makes the sales representatives less inclined to help you. They will simply remind you that you signed a contract.

Another consideration when choosing your cell phone plan is if your plan offers free mobile-to-mobile minutes. This means that you can call other cell phone users on the same network at no extra cost. When choosing your cell phone plan, you may want to keep this consideration in mind, especially if a lot of your friends and family use a particular cell phone company.

In addition to mobile-to-mobile minutes, some cell phone companies now allow you to make calls to any number on any network without using any of your allotted minutes for the month. You are able to choose anywhere from five to ten numbers to include in this plan. And when you call these numbers or receive calls from these numbers, you are not charged.

You must also consider where you will be using your cell phone when you choose your cell phone plan. It makes no sense to choose a plan or cell phone provider that does not provide adequate network coverage for your needs. Incurring roaming charges can easily increase the amount of your monthly cell phone bill to an uncontrollable level.

If you rarely use your cell phone, or use it for emergencies only, then a prepaid plan may be a good option for you. However, prepaid cell phone plan rates are typically higher than standard cell phone plan rates. Ultimately, how and where you use your cell phone will determine how you choose a cell phone plan. Just be sure to review the facts and choose wisely.

Considering a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

With a prepaid phone plan, you are automatically approved. There is no credit check required – you simply choose your phone and your plan and you are done. In the past, you were limited in choice of phone styles and features, but this is fast becoming a thing of the past. So if you have less than perfect credit, a prepaid cell phone plan may be right for you.

With a prepaid phone plan, you do not have to worry about a bill each month, as you would with a typical cell phone plan. This is because you pay for your minute usage in advance. When you use all your minutes, you can simply buy additional minutes.

Prepaid cell phone plans also include features that you would find with typical contract cell phone plans. They have really come a long way. You can choose voicemail, caller ID, and even text messaging. You even have access to the latest cell phone models, such as camera phones and music capable phones.

Prepaid cell phone plans are also a great option for teenagers who are just learning to handle responsibility. You have peace of mind as a parent knowing that you can stay in touch with your child at all times. You are also freed from worry knowing that your child cannot create any surprise bills for you at the end of the month.

You may also consider a prepaid cell phone plan if you rarely use your cell phone or allocate its use for emergency purposes only.

A prepaid phone plan is great for those with less than the best credit or for those who have little money to spend. It is a great tool for learning financial management skills and responsibility, if you struggle in these areas.

One of the defining factors for many of those who are considering a prepaid cell phone plan is freedom. You are free from contracts. You are free from a monthly bill. You are free to change and switch companies and cell phone plans as often as you wish with a prepaid cell phone plan.

Shopping for a prepaid phone plan is no different than shopping for a typical cell phone plan with a contract. Shop around, assess your needs and choices, and then choose the best prepaid plan for your lifestyle.

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